Pet urine odor remover

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Our pet odor remover eliminates pesky scents that your loved ones may leave behind. This odor remover doesn't just mask pet odors, it safely eliminates them completely at the source.

About Baily & Bella's odor remover

  • Doesn't just mask odors but eliminates them completely
  • Contains no funky chemical ingredients
  • Safe to use around your home, family and pets
  • Works its magic in your house (furniture, carpet) and car
  • 500ml bottle

Natural product

  • Our pet odor remover is a 100% natural product
  • It is made with only organic ingredients
  • Made with non-toxic materials

How to use

  • Spray a few times on the source with most of the smells
  • Like your carpet, furniture, car, pet bedding, clothing, litter boxes, kennels, etc.
  • Let our spray work its magic for a few minutes
  • Repeat if necessary, especially for strong smells


Purified water, aloe vera, dried orange peel, biological enzymes, lemon extracts, sophora flavescens extracts, bitter ginseng

What makes it work?

Most odor removers only mask the smell. We figured it was time to stap masking those pesky pet odors and created an orang-y fast-acting formula that quickly eliminates bad pet smells and keeps your pets and home fresh. So instead of masking the smells, Baily & Bella does really remove them. 


It goes without saying, but we're going to say it anyways.

All Baily & Bella products are completely safe to use directly on your pets. Just a few sprays is more than enough to make them smelling all nice and fresh again.

Safe to use

You can use our odor removers, shampoos and perfume on any type of dog or cat. Depending on the size of your dog, you might want to use more or less. That kinda makes sense, right?

This really goes without say but we're no-doubt saying it nevertheless. All Baily & Bella products are completely safe to use inside the house. For you, for your pets, for your furniture, and for your family.

Cats & dogs

Customer reviews

We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. Our house smells neutrals because the deodorant eliminates the smell completely. Thanks a lot!

Elisa, Brussels, 2 cats & 2 dogs

We have a young kitten and we found puddles of pee everywhere ... Thank god we got to test Baily & Bella

Sophie, Antwerp, 1 cat

I used the deodorant to eliminate the smell and the perfume for my labrador. It changed the life of my family for the better.

Thomas, Brussels, 1 dog

It simply does the trick. My long-hair labrador can be quite a handfull. I sprayed it once every morning and that's it.