Frequently Asked Questions

Both cats and dogs?

That's right! You can use Baily & Bella for both cats and dogs.

Is Baily & Bella safe to use?

Absolutely, it goes without saying but we're going to say it anyways. All Baily & Bella products are completely safe to use directly on or near your pets, furniture, carpets, house and don't leave anything behind that you don't want for you or your family.

How does the delivery work?

All shipments start from the center of Europe in Brussels, Belgium. All shipping is free as of orders above €25

What about the manufacturing?

We try to be as open and honest as possible as to what goes into our products. There's a reason why deodorizers eliminate smell and replace it, because the product itself needs to be manufactured. So does ours. But we try to work with natural and organic ingredients only (think of aloe or orange peels).

How do I use the pet odor remover?

Step 1: Spray a few times on the source with most of the smells

Step 2: Like your carpet, furniture, car, pet bedding, clothing, litter boxes, kennels, etc.

Step 3: Let our spray work its magic for a few minutes

Step 4: For very strong smells, you may want to repeat this a few times

How do I use the pet shampoo?

Step 1: Squeeze a little bit of shampoo onto your hands

Step 2: Massage the shampoo on your cat or dog until it starts to foam

Step 3: Let the shampoo work its magic for 2 to 5 minutes

Step 4: Rinse with fresh water