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Hi there!

With Baily & Bella we get it ... We love our pets more than anything, but if there's one thing we could really go without, it's the somewhat less-loving smells they leave behind. We're talking about kitty cat stank or doggy doo-doo. We've all been there when our lovely little friends, well ... left their mark behind.

There should be a better solution, right?

So we came up with a unique formula that tackles the two most important things, in our humble opinion: something to remove urine odor. Which we all know if you've got some little kittens or puppies running around. And an all-natural shampoo that both cares for your pet's fur, cleans completely and leaves your beloved one feeling fresher and happier than ever.

Organic ingredients only

Right from the start we were convinced of one thing: we only wanted to work with organic, non-toxic ingredients. Too many products are made with a lot of crazy materials which add very little value to our pets. So we're very upfront about what goes into our petcare products. Sure, we've got some hard to pronounce materials (after all, it's soap so we need all of this) but that doesn't mean it's a funky chemical or anything like that. Natural stuff only.

No secret, this is how it's made

Our production process is fairly simple.

1. We purchase our own ingredients from all over Europe. Directly from trusted and well-sourced partners.

2. We mix and match our unique formula in our facility in Belgium. We've assembled a small but experienced team who understands our core values.

3. We ship directly from our own warehouse to all over Europe, to keep costs low and transfer that value back to you.

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Our unique and natural formula

We spend over 12 months finetuning and testing our unique formula with organic ingredients. And truth be told, it wasn't easy to go all natural. But we couldn't be more pleased with the results.

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