How to stop cats and dogs from peeing in the house

How to stop cats and dogs from peeing in the house

How to stop cats and dogs from peeing in the house

As a pet owner, you're probably all too familiar with some kitty cat stank and doggy doo-doo surprises on your floor or carpet. Although it can be very challenging to train your young cat or puppy, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Why do cats and dogs pee in the house?

Because they're excited: sometimes cats and dogs pee when they're really excited about something. Especially young pets

Because they're marking their territory: it means they're showing ownership of something.

Because they're stressed: this can be due to a lot of things. Thinks of being distressed, anxious, confused, and so on.

How to stop your cats and dogs from peeing in the house?

Nr. 1: looking for pee-pee signs
Pay close attention and you'll notice that your cat or dog will give certain signals before getting things started. This may include sniffing, circling or walking around. When you notice this, take your pet outside and praise them afterwards

Nr. 2: interrupt
Once they're getting started, it's not too late. Interrupt your pet and take them outside to continue

Nr. 3: eliminate urine and other smells
Pets usually return to roughly the same pee spot because of the smell. So the best way to prevent this, is by gettin rid of the smell. With Baily & Bella we got just the magic cure for that with our Pet deodorizer sprays.