That’s why we formulated a revolutionary range of natural pet shampoo and natural urine odor remover to tackle unfortunate kitty cat stank and doggy doo-doo with a fresh smelling scent. Furreal!

Baily & Bella

About us

At Baily & Bella, we get it. Pets are so very darn cute, but at times they also seem to leave behind some not so very cute odors and smells in and around your home. Right?

We get it


Our unique could press formula is derived from the natural oil found in orange peels. Start to finish, it's all natural. Enjoy the scent of fresh pets and a clean home.

Fresh smelling

A natural disinfectant that attacks on contact, leaving behind the scent of citrus on your carpet or furniture. It doesn’t just maske the odors, it eliminates them completely. With no funky chemical scents, Baily & Bella packs a powerful punch. 

Happy feeling

We want to deliver a powerful yet natural and caring shampoo that doggy doo-doo with a fresh orange smell while keeping your pets safe, happen and taken care off.

Delivered all over Europe

Made in Belgium

Say hello to happy pets and owners

Use Baily & Bella products to eliminate pesky and hard pet urine odors from your home. Our odor remover doesn't just mask scents but eliminates them completely. It is - ofcourse - safe to use on fabric, upholstery, outdoor areas, carpeting and much more.

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Don't just take our word for it.

I was reluctant on the orange smell. What if my entire living room smells like oranges? But it's a very subtle scent and just perfect.

Karen, Antwerp, 1 cat

It simply does the trick. My long-hair labrador can be quite a handfull. I sprayed it once every morning and that's it.

Tom, Ghent, 1 dog

I used the deodorant to eliminate the smell and the perfume for my labrador. It changed the life of my family for the better.

Thomas, Brussels, 1 dog

We have a young kitten and we found puddles of pee everywhere ... Thank god we got to test Baily & Bella

Sophie, Antwerp, 1 cat

We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. Our house smells neutrals because the deodorant eliminates the smell completely. Thanks a lot!